Cim Italy - Borchie Metalliche


The application of metal studs can be done manually for individual items, or mechanically for multiple applications.  The latter is by means of moulds, called “universal” or “fantasy” and are adaptable to clients’ needs.
Many designs and patterns can be found in our ‘universal’ moulds, making the most of a geometrical distribution of the studs within the stamp, thus avoiding additional costs of personalized moulds.  When not possible, Cim Italy offers an extra service to its clients, producing moulds on client demand.

With over thirty years’ experience and an extremely large quantity of moulds readily available, Cim Italy has become a reference point every time this type of craftsmanship is desired.

We own or can produce moulds that allow the use of combinations of studs of varying types and dimensions.

Our laboratories, at the same time, are furnished to allow productions regarding ABS studs (with nail), pearls with washer and standard or double-faced eyelets application.