Brooches are pins; decorative jewellery designed to be put on garments. Usually, brooches are enamelled and decorated with precious stones, done in a floral style with a vintage effect, in various textiles such as pleather, denim, organza and lace with a touch of rhinestones, sequin inserts and pearls. Brooches is only one of the latest news by Nextrim: beyond these items it is possible to find patches, textile trimmings, embroidery and jewel trimmings.

Brooches are Nextrim’s leading items, Cim Italy’s new division, when it comes to the sector of fashion accessories. This division is able to make personalised pins, of a unique quality, with glass-set stones that may be customised.


Cim Italy’s new division, Nextrim, is able to make and provide patches in different forms and measures, with more diverse materials. It is possible to create custom-made items based on the client’s request.

Patches are only one of the latest news by Nextrim: beyond these accessories it is possible to look up brooches, textile trimmings, embroidery and jewel trimmings. Patches have strongly come back under the spotlight in the range of fashion accessories and represent a very followed and diffused personalised trend.

Patches can be made in a thermo-adhesive or sew-on version.


Jewel trimmings is one of strong points of Cim Italy’s new division, Nextrim. These fashion accessories are made with glass-set stones on metal bases.

Our trimmings are refined and unique, designed to give an item a jewel effect and the most elegance to the garment. The jewel trimmings are designed to enrich the clothing, curated down to the finest details in order to be used with versatility. The curing of the details is perfect, even in the shoe world and leather goods such as shoes and bags. Moreover, these trimmings are used as jewel accessories, personalised in form and colour.

Cim Italy trimmings can be personalised based on the request of the client: each item has its own unique and customised style.



Trimmings represent Nextrim division’s core business. These items are sold as accessories by the metre or by piece.

Trimmings are formed by various types of edging, that are for embellishing and refining clothes and objects. Principally, these fashion decorations are for aesthetic purposes and they are awfully used to give an added value to the product in order to give further desirability. Nextrim is able to provide various types of trimmings with different bases: trimmings of lace, tulle and organza; textiles such as leather, pleather with a variety of handmade applications.

Cim Italy, is a master in developing creative products, in an unrepeatable mix of style and quality that always paces with the new fashion trends and is always concerned with the satisfaction of every client.


Heat transfer paper is used to position the hot fix items in such a way that patterns and designs can be obtained.

Two types of heat transfer paper are available: acrylic or silicone. Depending on the type of article and the base onto which the item is to be applied, Cim Italy will be pleased to advise our clients on the most suitable type of heat transfer paper for their product.

This article is sold on a standard length roll of 100m in varying heights.


The thermo-adhesive sheets measure a standard 24×40 cm, they can be personalised and, for productions, they can be shaped on demand.

Every thermo-adhesive sheet can be realised with different materials: rhinestones, caviar beads, glitter, chains, stones and other elements.


Preciosa rhinestones are distinguished by an increased number of facets which gives greater light and shine to the stone.

Preciosa quality hot fix rhinestones are an excellent compromise between Standard Quality and Swarovski Quality.

Cim Italy is able to supply and apply:

  • Preciosa Rhinestones for clothing and fabrics;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for high-fashion, evening, sports, dance, figure skating and performance in general;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for bags;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for shoes;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for belts;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for leather goods;
  • Preciosa Rhinestones for fashion accessories;

Request more information on Preciosa Rhinestones and applications on high fashion clothes and accessories made in the laboratory of Cim Italy, choosing a contact method available in the contact section »


Thanks to our collaboration with specialized, and exclusively Italian companies, all leaders in the sector of galvanization and painting, we are able to provide every type of finish imaginable on our non-thermo-adhesive products, producing finishes based on our pantone colour card according to clients’ requests.

All our plating and varnishing is guaranteed and complies entirely with all the strictest legislation regarding these products.


Over the last decade, Cim Italy has implemented and modernized its own technology, accompanying traditional machinery with new, modern, highly productive machines able to reduce production time for each type of product (hot fix, studs, eyelets, or any other product).

All these innovative machines, coupled with the years of experience of the Cim Italy personnel, are fundamental to us, to be able to satisfy the most urgent requests from the most demanding clients.



The application of metal studs can be done manually for individual items, or mechanically for multiple applications.  The latter is by means of moulds, called “universal” or “fantasy” and are adaptable to clients’ needs.
Many designs and patterns can be found in our ‘universal’ moulds, making the most of a geometrical distribution of the studs within the stamp, thus avoiding additional costs of personalized moulds.  When not possible, Cim Italy offers an extra service to its clients, producing moulds on client demand.

With over thirty years’ experience and an extremely large quantity of moulds readily available, Cim Italy has become a reference point every time this type of craftsmanship is desired.

We own or can produce moulds that allow the use of combinations of studs of varying types and dimensions.

Our laboratories, at the same time, are furnished to allow productions regarding ABS studs (with nail), pearls with washer and standard or double-faced eyelets application.