“Detail makes the difference”: is one of the slogans that best suits Cim Italy; working on the quality, on the unity and not the standardisation and the homogenisation of products is one of the values that the company is proud of.   Personalisation, to render every fashion accessory unique, is a must that Cim Italy has always insisted on and continues to do so.

The ability to know how to match and create unique and creative accessories is one of the strong points that has always come with the company, that continues to better its tradition in Nextrim. For Cim Italy, every accessory is designed in order to give custom craftsmanship to every customer.

Beyond the high quality materials, Cim Italy applies creativity in its choices with the goal of offering the best final solution possible.

Nextrim was born in 2016, as Cim Italy’s division, with the objective of offering fashion accessories such as patches, loops, trimmings, jewel trimmings and pins.  These items represent a historical part of Cim’s Italy’s manufacturing, that thanks to the Nextrim division finds its maximum development, through competence and research that always distinguishes Cim Italy’s products.

It’s possible to have items especially made, customised based on different demands in order to satisfy every request of designer offices.